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My beef with the holodeck

There are some who believe the holodeck is the most advanced technology used in Star Trek. I may be among those people. The holodeck uses holographic and teleporter technology to build a fantasy environment that is indistinguishable from real life. Season 2 Episode 3 of The Next Generation, "Elementary, Dear Data", is a prime example of how advanced holodeck tech really is. The computer uses teleporter like technology to construct and control physical characters who can fully interact with real life visitors.  Now we get to the good part, which makes the holodeck technology really shine. What happens when multiple real people enter the holodeck?  Let's say Data and Geordi are on a quest to solve a murder and they are inspecting a clue together. They then separate and walk in opposite directions until they are half a mile apart... or, are they?  The holodeck is not a half mile long. To each of their perspectives, they look a half mile away, but are maybe 50 feet away. What